To Be So Lucky

You might think we were lucky to win the spirit stick at our boys' football game for the 3rd time (out of 4).
That took hard work.
 Other parents aren't so amused anymore, so we may have to quit trying.
Their kids want to know why they don't win the spirit stick.
If they would just stand up and cheer or yell they could earn it, you know.

Yes I am.

Sitting in a wide open field, I had a large splat of bird poo land on my head.
I had just washed my hair.
I'd been at the game for five whole minutes.

Not one other person got pooped on.
Just me.

It's a sign of great things to come, I am sure of it.
Didn't smell too good though.
And that is what is going on in my neck of the woods.

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We're nosy.
So dish it.


Mrs. Priss

Now a huge fan of bird hunting like...

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