RHOK'n the Tulsa State Fair

Well. As previously noted the wives took on the fair. When we do the fair, we do the fair right. No, we do NOT take our children. It's an indulgent moma only event.

We like to start off our day here:

Because, well, why not. Let's face it. Wine makes fair freak  people watching a lot more fun. We started off here last year as well, and they remembered us. We are memorable that way. We also re-visited our buddy, grumpy old man. Mrs. Priss and Mrs. Albright are sweet on him.


The peach Bellini's and Pom-arita's were oh so good!


(Sorry for the blur on all of us RHOK girls and friends, but a lovely older man took our picture and well, he tried!)

Next up we tried some of the food, because, let's face it. Wine and food pretty much make the fair, according to us anyway. HA.

We had some usual fair:

Uh huh. She really did that.

Of all things, Mrs. Hart chose grilled chicken. Yes, yes. She was the one. The one who worried about calories. At THE FAIR. *lol*

 All done!


Then we tried some things out. Like FRIED BUTTER.

This is not bad. It tastes like monkey bread. Realllllly buttery monkey bread. 

But, then. Then we were brave and tried this:

Deep fried KOOL-AID. This was like a doughy Luden's cough drop. EWWW. Next year, how about fried Coke?

We also came across this. Chocolate covered stuff. Like BACON. CHEESE PUFFS. What? This wasn't even worth us to buy and try. $5 for 3 measly pieces. They were too proud of their random chocolate coveredness.

Next door to them we encountered some Butt-Naked. And some of the ladies got their hands wet with that.
Yip. After a Butt Naked bath, you could shower in After Glow. No. I am not kidding.

Anywho, what's the fair with out people watching?

"Honey, go get mama a stroller. I've had a bit too much wine and I need a rest."

We all had such a grand time despite me leaving early, not feeling so wonderful, and Mrs.Priss ending up like this as well...I blame the livestock.

Maybe we should have bought food made to look like other food, to make ourselves feel better.

You think they make Benadryl cupcakes?

If you missed us this time, make plans to come with us next year. We like to play this game, fair bingo.

Oh, the fun we have trying to find all of those. It's really not hard either. Mrs. Priss is the current champion!

For more FAIR fun and video, check out our facebook page and the post from Friday. Mrs. Albright, the resident daredevil- she even jumped on a trampoline, in addition to having her junk jiggled on national internet.


Till next time friends,
Mrs. Sinclair
who ate fried butter and liked it.

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