What's this? Junior High?

They say everything old becomes new again...and I've realized that it has happened. I'm so old, junior high is back.

Do your kids think this feather thing is new? Nope. Remember when we had feathers, with roach clips? Then principals learned what else roach clips were for, and well, we couldn't wear them to school anymore.

Also, when I went shopping with Gray at her favorite store, Justice, I noticed a serious resemblance of their clothes matching  most 80's Halloween costumes.

Y'all. I have now bought my daughter fingerless gloves. Two pair.

Neon is like the new black. Feathered hair has returned. Boyfriend jeans, french rolled: *gasp* you guessed it, on all the hollywood stars. Doubled up polos with popped up collars and double socks to match with keds are probably on someone right now. Hopefully boys perming their hair won't make it back.  But people, they have re-made Footloose.  Kevin Bacon is not even sacred.

What's this world coming to? Oh gawd. Do you think Gunne Sax will be next?

The Horror.

Shaking up the aqua-net, 
Mrs. Sinclair

who rocked all these looks back in '87

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