But I'm Just SO Busy...

Today we have a guest post from Mrs. Sinclair's bestest friend since they found each other in line at sorority rush on 5 party day. She was a K, I was a J. No stopping us ever since we became Deltas back in '92. And no, we never thought we'd be saying "back in '92".

 Busy. It is said by nearly every woman on a regular basis to other women.  If you say it to me however, I am drinking a mental cocktail.  It’s my new drinking game. Sometimes I am figuratively drunk by the end of the day because I have heard so many women (or just one woman) say this so often.  To which I would like to reply. “Yes, I know you are and have been busy.  Do you know how I know?  Because I am busy too!  I just don’t feel the need to tell everyone how busy I am.  In fact I’ll take your busy and one-up you with the fact that I am so busy I don’t have time to tell you how busy I am!”  But I am not sure how that would go over in polite conversation, to say the least.   But seriously, I get it!  YOU ARE BUSY!   You are a wife, a mother, a chauffeur, a cook, a gardener, laundress, housekeeper, crafter, photographer, a volunteer at your church, you go to all your kids’ activities,….how do I know all this?  Again see above. I am busy. Doing all of the above. 

someecards.com - i'm so busy i only have time to tell people how busy i am.

So, unless you have a great secret about how to do one of the above in a superfast but still great way, or a funny story about such said activity…please try to edit the “I am so busy” phrase from your vocabulary. 
See, here is what really irks me about it the most.  Well, there are two things.  First, I feel you’re implying that YOU are really busy whereas I am not.  So, now you will tell me ad nauseam in detail just how busy you have been, will be, are,…etc.  Secondly, see above paragraph.  I am busy too. I just don’t tell everyone about it.  OVER and OVER and OVER!   Aren’t we all busy women?  Aren’t we all just wanting a few minutes of peace and quiet to go the bathroom? 

I mean, I love the housewives on TV, but in real life…my mani/pedi days are few and far between.  For example, I did just get a pedicure a week ago after my feet could have been a scratching post for my cat.   And seriously I was shocked at how bad they-my feet-had gotten because I had just gotten a pedicure not too long ago.   And then I did the math.  There had been almost 5 flip-flop wearing months in between the two.  Why had it been so long?  Because I guess I was busy.  Busy changing sheets several nights in a row when certain little people in my house had accidents.  Busy cleaning capri-sun containers, dried pbj’s, and hard fruit snacks out of my car.  These are the exciting things that keep me busy, and since I know that they keep every other mother busy...I usually don’t feel the need to give a play-by play of my life since I am pretty sure most of us are living out of a similar play book.  Now, if you just read that and thought, “Well, I find time to get mani/pedi’s on a weekly basis.  Are you implying I am not busy?”  No. I am not. How you get mani/pedi’s on a weekly basis is an example of what I want to know.  Please tell me superfast.  I really do need one in the next 6 months, and fitting in two would be so pleasant for the people next to me in yoga.  See, I am busy going to yoga.  Okay, not as busy as I could be….but that is what it is all really about:  CHOICES.  

We all have the same minutes in the day, the same hours in the week.  It is how we spend them that make the difference.  Okay, some days I am really busy with some non-essential things:  updating my status, looking up the Kardashians, pinning,  reading historical romance novels, napping…. you know BUSY!
So remember, when I see you, I don’t want to re-live your calendar; I want to hear some funny stories.  I want to laugh.  And literally drink, not just figuratively.  So, raise your glass the next time you catch yourself or a friend say, “I am so busy.”  And think of me.  Eating bonbons.  Busy.  Drinking.

Mrs. O'Neill,
fabulous, busy, and in need of a pedi

*Mrs. O’Neill is currently BUSY holding down the castle while her husband of 10 years holds down the farm.  After recently moving back Oklahoma from the frozen north to enjoy a slower pace with her husband and family….she is still running from activity to activity with her 3 kids under 6. Sometimes with cows chasing her, but that is another post for another day. True story.* 

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