Ho Ho Ho... You Really Should Go Go GO!

I'll bet you didn't know we were having a Christmas party.
You DID?!

Did we mention Santa will be there?

In the spirit of harassment... I mean, encouragement... I'm giving you one last reminder so you can join in the fun.

Tonight, we will be at il Bacio having some treats, donating scarves, hats & mittens, taking pictures with Santa, and giving away some items you are sure to love.

So why are you sitting around reading this?

Here's what you need to do -
Look on the sidebar.
The one on the left.
Click the BUY NOW button to get your ticket.
Head out the door for a fun time with girlfriends.

See you there!

~ Mrs. Priss

Waiting to sit on Santa's lap like...

who won't stop believing because...

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