RHOK'n the Smarts & Arts

One thing that is very important to me is keeping busy with things that matter.  When I look back on my life someday, I hope to see that I made a difference.

After having a son diagnosed with autism, I realized that this would be my life's passion.  The feeling of isolation and hopelessness that come with the diagnosis are overwhelming.  It has become my mission to help be a support to others experiencing this and to help them move forward.  This is the reason I have been helping the Autism Center of Tulsa raise money.  They help provide the support and education families need and they do it at no cost to the family.
This was the age Michael was when he was diagnosed with Autism.
I recently helped the Autism Center with their Smarts & Arts fundraiser.  We spent months and months begging for donations from local businesses for our auction and organizing the event.  It all finally came together with donations for a wine pull, live auction and silent auction and art sale but volunteers were scarce.  You'll never guess who came to my rescue?
Those wonderful girls from the RHOK showed up for the event and ran their tails off.  They sold necklaces and encouraged auction bidding.  They closed out the auction when the time came (a huge job!).  And they did it all with a smile on their faces.
Mrs. Sinclair & Mrs. Hart are closing the auction.
No pictures of Mrs. Albright & Mrs. Montgomery who had jobs on the run!
These girls really do RHOK.  
Without their help, this event would not have run so smoothly. 
 Without their support, my life would not run so smoothly.

In this month of thankfulness, I want you to know how thankful I am for their giving hearts and friendship. No other friend of mine stepped up in this way.  These girls sacrificed a Friday night with their families in order to serve a friend in need of assistance.  These girls put the "real" in REAL housewives.  No fakes here.

I'm also thankful for my winning table who RHOK'd the trivia competition and won first place!  Oh, yes they did!  Two out of three years winning isn't too shabby...

Do me a favor and don't ask how many answers I helped with.

And for some silly reason, I'm even glad they do stuff like this with my award when I am not looking.

Now it's your turn.  Tell us about a girlfriend you are thankful for!

~ Mrs. Priss

An autism advocate and newly renamed "Uranus" like...

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