Thankful Tuesday

With Thanksgiving this week I wanted to post what Oklahoma Housewives are most thankful for this year.
According to my high tech, very accurate Facebook poll we have much to give thanks.

Mrs. S is thankful for health.
Mrs. H- is thankful for living in a country with religious freedom.

Mrs. H - especially thankful for good friends. 
The kind that love her despite her flaws, who forgive when she asks & 
those who send up genuine prayers to God when her family really needs them. 
The kind of friends who truly reflect our Heavenly Father's love. 

There were many Mrs's thankful for their awesome husbands.

Mrs. K is thankful for her sanity. Or what's left of it anyway.
Mrs. S is thankful that the year is almost over.
Mrs. G is thankful she didn't fall into any cracks made by 
Oklahoma drought, floods or earthquakes.

Mrs. Allbright is thankful for her hubby's job 
{after 4 mos. w/o one}, 
her daugher's schools/teacher,
tabbouleh & Morrocan Oil.
{I can't make this stuff up?!}

Mrs. Priss is thankful for her new shoulder - it was a long
road that she & her family survived with lots of support.
She is also thankful for DVRs & no commercials.
Oh & chocolate.

Here are Mrs. A & Mrs. P showing their gratitude...
{I just love this pic & plan on posting often}

Mrs. Hart is thankful she can vote for a new president in 2012.
She also is thankful the Hogs are ranked #3 this year

Mrs. Southern is thankful for shellac mani's/pedi's, tassimo &
holiday cruises to Cozumel.

Lastly,  I am thankful for my "freak flag addiction" rehab.
After two years of solid rehab/recovery I am thankful to 
report that the crazy train has not stopped 
at my station in a very long time.
To echo Mrs. Priss, I could not have survived without lots
of support of my non-crazy family members & friends.
I think this card sums it up best {had to make it PG13}...

So what are YOU most thankful for this year?

Here's to a peaceful, fun, yummy Thanksgiving with your friends & family!
Mrs. Montgomery
Counting my Blessings like...

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