'Tis the Season for the Ads to Begin

Did everyone get their Toys R Us Big Toy catalog in the mail or in the Sunday paper this past week? How about the Target one?
I think my kids must have had some kind of secret communication with those companies or maybe I just missed the commercials on television warning me they were "coming". Before I could even open my paper Sunday morning this is how I found my daughter...

...and my son on Monday after school...
...and this is a video I recorded of my daughter on Tuesday night. This video makes me realize just how much of an influence being a "housewife" I have over her. Or maybe she is just already manipulative enough in her shopping ways to use it to her advantage!

There are now exactly 51 shopping days left until Christmas and I did get an email yesterday from that the Wal-Mart Toyland Catalog has now been released. So now I am prepared to definitely confiscate that one! You have been warned.

'Tis the Season for the mADness to begin or end if you can catch them first!

♥Mrs. Hart♥
who better learn to buy a lottery ticket and get rich quick
if she is going to live it up like

this Christmas!!

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