Unless You Sell Girl Scout Cookies...

All of the housewives are somewhere exciting today. But, SHHHH! We are not telling. Once you figure out what our secret agenda today, you're going to be so surprised. We will let you know all about it soon!

Meanwhile, while freaking out about that- a post still needs to go up, so I am here to make that happen!
Sorry, no scandalous video like yesterday.

This particular Tuesday, I'm totally missing our In Your Neck of the Woods meme, because I have the best picture to show you.  Of course I am not letting that stop me...I'm showing you anyway. I'm also buying them for everyone as Christmas gifts.

Isn't this the best?

I'd like to thank Pinterest once again for bringing all these new things to my attention.

Anyways, now that I've entertained y'all, I'm back to fretting.

Hope your day isn't a sugar crash,

Mrs. Sinclair
a RHOK Star Starlet

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