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If you follow us regularly here or on our Facebook page, you know we were on the news Thursday night. KTUL News Channel 8's Kristin Dickerson interviewed us and we had such a fun time.

If you've ever been interviewed in a studio before, you know it's different than what most would expect. It's  hard to act "normal" when cameras and lights are on you. Oh, and I can't forget to mention the big mic that is right over head. Normally, I have no problem at all talking (hey, don't you judge me!) but, when you're put on the spot to answer a question and there is a camera spot on, it's not easy!

Kristin was a doll. She made us all feel very comfortable with her sweet smile. She made me feel extra comfortable by laughing at all my silliness! Those who know me, know I love to make people laugh.

Three of us housewives also had personal interviews. What fun it was to have Kristin over to watch me cook. Well, I use the term cook, loosely. I made a dip. But, it was a yummy dip. Just ask Kristin or any of the ladies who attended our last RHOK Out at il Bacio in Tulsa. The ingredients are interesting and you may even think there is no way it can be good, but you'd be wrong. It's delicious and everyone raves about it. I'm sharing the recipe with you - just in time for the holidays!

(Right click on picture and save and then you can print it out.) 

When Kristin was interviewing me, my youngest daughter was quite the pill. She decided it would be hilarious if she mocked everything I said. The clip in the segment of my little one laughing was taken from that. It was real life, folks!

Kristin and KTUL did an awesome job putting the segment together. We can't thank them enough. I am so proud of these ladies I work with here on The RHOK. I also want to thank those of you who called, texted or left supportive messages on our Facebook page, personal Facebook pages or the article on KTUL's webpage. Believe me, it did not go unnoticed. We appreciate that you care enough to give us positive feedback. YOU are what makes this fun for us.

So, if you weren't able to catch our segment Thursday night, here it is.... (Sorry it doesn't fit on the page very well.)

We hope we made YOU, the housewives of Oklahoma, proud! As always, you are more than welcome to submit a guest post. As-a-matter-of-fact, we'd like to encourage you to do so! (See Guest Post tab at top)

~Mrs. Albright
Feeling pretty much like....

P.S. Our next RHOK Out, Forget the Turkey, Bring on the Mistletoe, is November 29th at il Bacio's in Tulsa. There are limited tickets so don't wait. You can purchase your ticket(s) and cute holiday t-shirts through the paypal button on our sidebar. We will be collecting new gloves, hats and socks to donate to John 3:16 Mission.

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