What Would You Say?

Last week was an interesting one.  By Wednesday, I had caused visible damage to my own face not once... but twice.  Tripping over the pet gate in the wee hours of a Sunday morning landed me chin first on a hardwood floor.  Knocking my noggin while getting in the car is a usual occurrence for me.  This Wednesday, it meant receiving a big ol' knot on my forehead.
Never mind that The RHOK was being interviewed by Channel 8's Kristen Dickerson on Tuesday.
Did you know that it is really hard to hide a deep blue mark on your pale white skin?

The fabulous make-up experts at Sephora of Woodland Hills Mall did a great job airbrushing the blues away.
What's the point of bringing this up?  Unfortunately, I don't have airbrushing here at Casa À la Priss.  A week after the madness began, I am still struggling to hide the damage. See what I have to work with?
Fresh faced and ready to start the cover-up
The point of telling you all of this is that as I've had to humiliate myself walking around in public like this, I have found out one very startling truth.
People stare.
People notice.
People don't say a word.
... Even at church...

Fortunately for me, their thoughts were wrong.  Their minds obviously and automatically drift toward thoughts of spousal abuse, but not once did a stranger ask me if I was okay.  Not once did one of my new admirers pause to ask what happened.  They assumed the worst and did not bother to check on me.

I find it disturbing that we ignore (potential) victims.  I can assure you I am not one, but what if I were?  What if I were waiting for someone to reach out and offer help?

Our state is ranked 15th in the nation for the number of women per capita killed by men.
Did you know that one in four women (nationally) has experienced domestic violence in her lifetime?

I can't begin to tell you how awkward it was to be stared at all week, but I'll take that horror over living in an abusive situation any given day.  These days, I can't go out in public without thinking about women who live in these situations and have to face this world every day.

And now it's on you.  Be thinking about what you should say if an acquaintance shows up with an unusual bruise.  Be thoughtful if you see someone at the store.  You just might be a part of their recovery for life.

Then again, it may just be another clutz like me.

I'm not saying you should be nosy.  I'm saying you should look out for others.   Let's be kind to our fellow (wo)man.

Looking for information about domestic violence?
You can find a list of Do's & Don'ts on how to help friends who are victims here.
Where to go if you need help?  You can start here.

~ Mrs. Priss

Gradually working my way back to a pasty white chin like...

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