Am I Really That Mom?

While strolling through Walmart with my sweet little Lulu one day last week, we were singing Jingle Bells and doing a few spins and heel clicks. We were just two girls high on Christmas, having a little fun, and minding our own business.  Well, apparently it irritated a lovely Christmas-vest wearing woman in the baking aisle. She not-so-quietly whispered to her husband, "she should be embarrassed," referring to my impromptu Christmas recital with Lu. Physically hearing her say that made me wonder, "am I really that mom? The one who embarrasses her kids in public?"

Then, realization struck like lightning. Well, more like Dave's voice from Storage Wars, 'yeeepppppp,' and then I remembered that I recently dressed up in a giant chicken costume at Target. Oh yes. I did.

On multiple occasions, I am THAT mom! My children don't even blink an eye when I belt out Justin Bieber on a microphone in the toy aisle or do the funky chicken through the frozen food section. Why not make life a little more fun? Especially when your kids are around!! 

As moms we are all so busy and sometimes we forget that childhood should be filled with spontaneity and happiness! Yes, I may be that mom who embarrasses her children by randomly busting out with "I whip my hiney back and forth", while shaking my money maker in the electronics aisle, but at least my children will grow up with plenty of laughter and more than one 'remember that time in Target' story. 

So here's to all the 'embarrassing moms' out there. Sing on!! Oh, and don't be afraid to throw in the sprinkler a time or two. And if you see a family fist pumping in a swaggin' wagon at red lights, just join us!

Mrs. Melissa
who is "That Mom" and

Mrs. Melissa is a SAHM of 3 and wife to a Tulsa firefighter. She enjoys volunteering, crafting, baking, car dancing, mustaches, and now guest blogging with the encouragement of friends. Oh, and if she had spare time she'd spend it reading in a bubble bath with a glass of wine.

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