Birthday Wishes from South Africa

Sanibonani! (That's hello in Zulu, for all you who never leave the U.S.) 

It's Mrs. Robinson here. Yes, I know. I haven't written in a long while. But, you see, I have been on an African Safari and the guides don't look too kindly when I whip out the ol' laptop. They seem to think it will frighten the animals. Who knew?!  Besides, I'd rather be photographing the beauty here instead of being on the Internet anyway.

But, today is a special occasion, so I headed back to my room to write to you..

Source: via Mykl on Pinterest

What could be so special, you ask? Well, it is our very own Mrs. Albright's birthday so the housewives took the day off to celebrate with her. I hate that I'm missing yet another celebration with my favorite hooches;  it's tough to be me.

I'm sure she'd appreciate birthday wishes, gifts or even a cocktail. 

~Mrs. Robinson
Toasting my glass to Mrs. Albright, all the way from Africa, like..... 

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