Christmas Keno

Ever played Keno?
Not the Vegas kind... the bingo kind!
For some reason, it has become a Christmas tradition with some of my girlfriends.  We love it!
This year, I decided to force the husbands to play when we had some couples over for dinner.

Since I may not have another opportunity to set a pretty table this season, I pulled out the china and cloth napkins.  I love, love, love a pretty table!
But then it was time for biz-ness.
Break out the cards, refill the glasses...
It's all very serious.
For some anyway...

You need are Keno card, card markers and a deck of cards.
Oh - and gifts.  Everyone playing must have a gift.
Do not be fooled by their pretty wrapping.  Our gifts were from the dollar store this year!
When you get a "bingo" you are supposed to yell "KENO!"
If you are one of our husbands, you might say it real girly-like to make fun of the women-folk.
But when you get a Keno, you get to unwrap a gift.
Everyone wants a blue garlic!
A light up necklace...
He claims he got screwed.
Don't laugh.
6 Penguii (the new plural for penguins)
Or even pink hair extensions!

If you are playing with real gifts that people might want, you can play round 2 with the same number of games in round 1 but this time... you steal!

I have one last tidbit of advice for you.  As you set your pretty table, don't forget to wipe the rarely used cups out before use.
One of my guests had a medicine cup in hers all night long.
I'm sure someone snuck that in at the last minute. 


What are your fun Christmas activities?

~ Mrs. Priss

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