Closet Intervention-A Must!

Mrs. Hart – It’s me, Heidi Ducato, Stylish Stepmom! Coming to your closet and holiday rescue! I read your latest posting and decided I better do more than just vote – but, make a few comments too!

First – all the crazy Christmas sweaters were great in the 80’s! And, yes, you will still find people wearing them in the malls, stores, and streets during the holidays. But, that doesn’t mean they should be wearing them! Now, don’t get me wrong, I say that – but, then, I’m the first one to buy a cute holiday t-shirt! What am I saying – multiple holiday t-shirts and wear them all season long! So, it’s a bit of a double edged sword. There is a fine line of being/looking festive and looking dated (out-dated). So, keep that in mind when you are pulling out your holiday wardrobe (no matter what holiday it is). Kudos for not being afraid to show your holiday spirit – just make sure it fits you, your personality and the current era! J

Second – as the New Year is upon us, people have a tendency to run with the phrase “out with the old and in with the new”. They do this in a variety of ways – dieting, exercising, organizing, etc. This is a great time to take an inventory of your wardrobe and decide what stays and what goes (and, I’d be happy to help with that, if you need/want it!)! If you have been holding on to an item(s) for more than 6 months to a year and haven’t worn it – it’s time for it to go!

So, Mrs. Hart, although your holiday sweaters definitely show your holiday spirit, the best place for them is at your next holiday tacky sweater party! Strictly – my opinion – they are festive, but, they cross the line to being dated (out-dated)! And, speaking of holiday tacky sweater party, I have one coming up – can I use one of your sweaters? J

(I mean all of this in fun – with a splash of reality!)

Helping you stay stylish – one step at a time!


Correction from Stylish Stepmom:
Since this posting was written,Thursday, there has been a resurgence in the holiday sweater. Such a popularity, that Good Morning America picked it up and did a story Friday morning 12/9/11 on the tacky holiday sweater! Tacky or not - wear it proudly!! Happy Holidays!

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