The Cookie Swap

In case you didn't know, I really love to host parties.  I'd rather attend parties, but I don't get invited to many of them.  What up?!  I tell myself no one is hosting them, but... well --- is it all the poop talk?  Maybe that's it.

Every year close to Christmas, I have some friends over to swap Christmas cookies.  They wear pjs, I feed them dinner, we play games, we swap gifts and then we swap cookies!  You can do this with a big or a small group and it is always fun.
Mrs. Albright, Mrs. Montgomery & Mrs. Sinclair
For my party, we bring four dozen cookies (double most recipes to get this) or treats on a tray.  Bring an extra tray for the swap!  We divide 48 by the number of people attending to determine how many cookies you take from each tray.  In the end you have a variety of cookies to bring home for your family.  If you have a friends or family coming over, treats are ready!

The highlights of this party for me are the girlfriends wearing Christmas PJs and playing games.  What I hear from the peanut gallery is a whole different thing.  I'm pretty sure these girls would quit coming if I stopped making rum punch.  Rum punch, you say?  Yes, indeedy.

As you prepare for the onslaught of family, remember the power of a little alcohol.  Make a bit of rum punch for the grown-ups and watch those grins appear.

A little hint for all you housewives out there - the best part of a cookie swap is that your family will willingly send you out the door for a girls' night.  They know the good stuff is coming back home! Husbands and children make sure their women-folk don't miss this party.  Want to hear more about doing a cookie exchange?  Head over to That's Baloney!

Do you have a favorite holiday tradition with your girlfriends?
Tell me about it!
I love comments.

~ Mrs. Priss

Making a double batch of rum punch like...

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