Fa La La La La. La La La La. Geek Love.

My brain is already on Fa La La La mode. I am sitting here watching this show called Geek Love. Yip. GEEK LOVE.

Apparently it's like people hooking up at Comic Con. Is that what it's called? I think that is what they are saying. Oh my stars. Obviously I am not a geek.

They have geek speed dating. Most people haven't ever been on a date before.

Really? No! Get out.

{No offense to adult persons who like to dress up in costume on a regular basis}

But, this girl is 22 and is dressed up as Robin. As in the Robin of Batman. And then her MOTHER is with her. Her MOTHER asks a guy FOR her if he has intention of calling on her again. WHAT?

There is a 30 year old man with a bedroom that looks like my 11 year old. Guess what? He's single, too.

I am so in shock about this show and this conference of grown people dressed up. Like seriously into hardcore costuming. It's Halloween everyday!

Ok, BUT, then it hits me. Speed dating at this conference is BRILLIANT. Comic Con Costumers find love with others of the same kind of arrested development.  Or comical development? How does one phrase this?


Signing off now for more Fa La La La-ing.
All American Muslim is coming up next, and that's a whole other post. Do y'all have any shows you want to discuss today??? Have at it! Our comment section is at your disposal.

Mrs. Sinclair,

who is watching entirely too much random TV

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