Holiday Gift Guide 2011

Doesn't everyone have one of those hard to buy for people, that they have to buy for? Well, today because I am generous, I have a whole list of random stuff just to help you out.

First up, the only item that cannot be found thru skymall.com, is a night light for your faucet. I can't make this up people. It can be found at fatbraintoys.com, and it's less than $15. Bonus!

What's even more random than the item, is the description from the website:

"Luminous glow adds cozy atmosphere...luxurious mood lighting. Streaming crystal blue light brightens water, making hand washing sheer pleasure.

Add a bit of finery to a room with the faucet light. Turn on the element of surprise & enliven the typical faucet fixture. Adds a touch of class and entertainment to any powder room. 

Encourages children to practice good hygiene when placed in a kid's bathroom....Moms & Dads, Grandpas & Grandmas tell us THAT ALONE makes it worthwhile. (As parents ourselves, we concur.)

Simply turn on the faucet and the internal pressure switch activates the light source. Turn off the water and the light goes off. "

Intriguing finery, no?

Now, we will start with skymall finds. The skymall never fails to disappoint me. It basically showcases all the random stores and items from the world in one place. I always go there if I am at a loss.

Know anyone who might want to grow their own fungi?

Look! It's a portable mushroom garden.

For the special someone who likes to be lazy, even on their laptop, this wacky desk will surely help:

Looks comfy, right?

Have a man in your life who likes the remote? Why not get him a magic wand?
"With a flick of the wrist, this is the remote control wand that can change channels, volume, or manage other controls on your electronic devices. Forged with a motion-sensing accelerometer, it detects the hand's nuanced movements to translate 13 distinct gestures. Simply point the wand and your device's remote at each other and push the function on the remote the wand is to "learn"--pressing "up volume" on a remote could be linked to the wand's up/down gesture while changing channels could be linked to the wand's clock/counterclockwise gesture. Other motions of legerdemain, such as quick taps to pause/play a DVD, forward/backward thrusts, and dramatic sweeps can be matched to nearly any existing remote's functions."

Totally cool, right?

Next up is something y'all are welcome to get me. I think it is self explanatory.
The iphone printer. Yes, please.

Finally, I leave you with something else I would also like. The OCD part of me, anyway.
I give you Mini Warehouse Shelves. The neatness! The organization! Can we line my garage with these? Someone order them up for me. 

Surely, you've gotten some ideas now, right?  How far along are y'all on your shopping?  Be sure and comment to let us know. We're super nosey, remember?

Heading off to do more of what I do best,
Mrs. Sinclair

on a holiday shopping mission

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