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So, Monday night Priss and I headed out to the Tulsa Blogger Meetup, Make Merry Edition held at Duke's Southern Kitchen in Bixby. Tasha from Tasha Does Tulsa and Nicci Atchley from Nicci6 hosted the event. Let me just say, the RHOK will definitely be having a RHOK Out there in the future. We were treated to fried chicken, mashed potatoes & gravy, green beans, blackberry cobbler, and an open bar (don't be expecting the open bar thing when we host, though - Ha!). LOVED it!

For those of you who don't know, Priss lives to play ornery games and there was going to be a second-hand gift White Elephant exchange. Good Lord, people. I KNEW she would bring the wackiest gift brought by any one and she did not disappoint! Picture coming up.

It was also encouraged that we wear tacky Christmas sweaters. And, with the advice of the Stylish Stepmom on Monday's post, I'm glad I hadn't thrown out my favorite Christmas sweater(s). You just never know when you may need one. I used to wear them a lot when I taught school. You all know that teachers wear those kinds of sweaters all the time.

Almost everyone brought gifts for the White Elephant exchange and maybe half in attendance had on tacky sweaters. I really wish I would have stopped talking long enough to remember to take pictures of all the sweaters there because there were some great tacky sweaters. Priss and I wore our cutesy sweaters with our new RHOK Bring on the Mistletoe tees underneath. We had to represent, y'all. What up! (I actually just said that out loud and cracked up. Yes, I know it probably shouldn't be that funny that a 40-something mom just said, "What up!"  I blame it on my teen.).

Don't think I haven't been razzed by my friends about the red light "horns" behind my head. 

I knew in advance what Priss' gift was because she could hardly contain her excitement over it. And, I also knew that I had to get that gift for a couple of reasons. One being, it would make a great gift for the next exchange I may go to and two, it would be so blog-able.

Oh, yes, she did. She brought a padded, embroidered toilet seat that is about 10 years old and book called The Art of the Fart. Melanie Nelson of Blogging Basics 101 actually chose this gift first. No one even tried to steal it until it was my turn. I was number 11 of 15. I felt pretty darn sure that I was going home with this beaut!

But, NOOOOOO, Kelly from Kellyology had the number 1 which means she got last pick. (Let me preface by saying that she picked the gift that I brought originally and it was pretty lame. It was an apple ceramic candle lamp I got when I was teaching.) That hooch came over, stole my prized padded toilet seat and left me going home with the same stinkin' gift I came with. (Anyone decorate their kitchen with apples? I have a gift for YOU!)   Yes, I was the gal leaving with the big L on my forehead.

But, don't think the evening was ruined, because it so wasn't. Priss and I had a ton of laughs. Especially when the green bean I was eating got hung up between my teeth. The string part of the bean got stuck between my front two teeth and it left the bean just dangling. Most people would immediately cover their mouth and remove it so as not to be seen. Me? Heck no. I made sure my whole table saw it and even allowed Priss to take my picture. Even when I pulled it out, it left food between my teeth. Priss offered to give me some floss, but I just picked that strong little piece of string back up and flossed with it. Ha! No, I have no shame.

Also seated at our table was Alan from Yogi's Den and Dave from Accidentally Albino. Weren't they lucky?! They had all this free entertainment. You're welcome, guys. We are here to entertain.

Yogi's gift that he brought to the exchange was actually hilarious. He brought these two picture frames that had his face placed in them. We all laughed hysterically over that one. Jennifer Luitwieler got to go home with these gems!

Here are some other pictures from our fun evening...


Dave (Yes, he really did wear his napkin tucked into his shirt while he ate.) 

Priss and me with Debbie from Happy First. She is a doll! 
Notice our cute Bring on the Mistletoe tees? There's still time to purchase one for yourself or a friend before Christmas. We get tons of compliments on them everywhere we go. 

Priss and her winnings brought by Napkin Dad

Do you see all the links I've created in this post? Well, they took a lot of time to do. It'd sure be nice if you'd stop by and visit all these really cool folks. You won't be disappointed. 

Big thanks goes out to Tasha, Nicci and Duke's for such a fun evening. Priss and I are so glad we came. 

~Mrs. Albright
Bringing you cheap entertainment, like.....

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