A RHOK Party & A Recipe!

Last night, all your RHOK'n ladies had their annual holiday party, just a little late. They are so busy around the holidays their schedules rarely mesh, you see.  This year they found in between Christmas and the New Year as just the right fit. I am merely doing them the favor of writing about it, giving you photos & a fab recipe. Of course they skyped me in for a bit from my tiki hut out in the Cayman's.  I rarely am in town long enough to see the gals, much less party. I am the MOST busy of all of them- but don't tell them that. I am the MOST busy, because I am the MOST fabulous, of course.

The ladies were so lucky as to celebrate in the lavishly decorated home of Mrs. Albright's glorious and generous Aunt Glenda.  They had yummy treats, gossiped & gabbed, and then exchanged gifts with each other. In their photos they are giving you a little sneak peak. They exchanged monogrammed RHOK blankets, candles, lovely Lolita champagne flutes, starbucks gift cards & fleece throws. (They are shipping mine out to me ASAP of course.) We are so thankful for each other! And, I am rarely cheesy, so take note of that.

Mrs. Sinclair was taking the photos. Please note you can see her hand and forehead, as taking a photo of oneself and 4 others is quite an extraordinary task with only an iPhone. (NOT that Mrs. Sinclair doesn't adore her iPhone, because she does. The RHOK would be in a pickle without iPhones.)

Mrs. Hart brought these little squares that taste just like Butterfinger candy! They are having me share the recipe with you below. These, I have had my caterer make before. They are so good. You will be shocked at what's in them and how they taste! Addicting little things...

YES! They taste just like Butterfinger!

All of us ladies at the RHOK want to wish you a SAFE and prosperous new year! Share with us below about what you are doing for New Year's Eve! We love to hear from you.

Now, back to getting my tan on...
Mrs. Robinson

fabulous & snarky, but sometimes with warm fuzzies

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