RHOK'in Elves

Besides cooking, cleaning, carpooling and volunteering, the Real Housewives of Oklahoma do a lot of things similar but each one of us add are own special touch. A tradition that we totally did not plan together is that we all have an Elf on the Shelf. I guess great minds think alike when it comes to keeping the Christmas Spirit bright and fun for all, both young and young at heart.

The first three pictures is Mrs. Albright's Fred Jack. She claims that he can be a lazy elf at times and likes to maintain the same position from day to day. Looks like he is on the move to me.

This sweet guy belongs to Mrs. Montgomery.  His name is Jingles and he likes hot chocolate and sugar cookies. If he forgets to move, the youngest Montgomery child gets the blame placed on her, which is just not right! Oh, and he writes notes to the other Montgomery daughter in red! xoxo

Mrs. Sinclair's Chuckie is quite the ham also! He LOVES his Oklahoma State Cowboys and enjoys his Sunday comics. I wonder what the Sinclair furry friend thought about Chuckie borrowing his pillow? The Sinclair princess also receives notes from Chuckie each day in red ink. 
Santa must have a big supply of red pens.

Bells lives with Mrs. Priss. Why oh Why, couldn't she have been blessed with a prissy little female elf instead of another mischievous male? That poor girl is always out numbered. Good thing she is always 4 steps ahead of ALL of them. Really Bells? The ribbon?

And finally my Charley. 
If you have been following my personal blog this month you have seen Charley in action daily with all of his antics on the daily Elf On a Shelf Link Up with The 4-Crow's.
Charley has been to a dvd movie premier party with Smurfette, likes to undress anything that wears Razorback apparel in his size and borrow it, has danced with a penguin, hung with monkeys, celebrated birthdays, teaches his kid's lessons in hygiene, and now he is feeding and riding reindeer- there is not much Charley hasn't done! He isn't a troublemaker though, just adventurous.

Do you have an Elf on the Shelf? If so we would love to see what it is doing. Leave us a comment with a link to your blog, we will come visit! 
Also, if you would like go link up to The 4-Crow's daily until December 24th.

♥Mrs. Hart♥

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