Cookies, Cookies...almost time to get your Cookies! Who Has Them?

Happy 100th Birthday Girl Scouts!

There is now an app for the question in this post title for consumers out there, but keep reading.
With this post, I am going to help make a few of your housewife lives a little bit easier, and a probably some of our readers mad at me- just remember I did not tell you to steal the cookie from the cookie jar.
Are you a part of the $700 million Girl Scout Cookie Program, which is the largest girl-led business in the country and generates immeasurable benefits for girls, their councils and communities nationwide? If so, then I want you to make sure you leave a comment with your name, city and contact information so that our readers can be sure to have a contact to get their favorite cookie. 
Remember, Girl Scouts deliver- of course with parental supervision!

Sales for the Eastern Oklahoma Council begin February 11- March 24, 2012, their goal this year is 
 A few of my friends are already asking their friends and family members how many boxes of each of the "Super Six"- Samoas, Trefoils, Thin Mints, Tagalongs, Do-Si-Dos, and Lemon Chalet Creme, they want. What is your favorite? Mine, Thin Mints and Samoas. I love that each cookie has a mission. The Samoa cheers up Soldiers around the world. The Thin Mints help train girls in CPR. Good thing these cookies freeze well. 
I am NOT going to ruin my 20 in '12 plan!

Girl Scout Cookie sales are a lot different now than 30 years ago when I was selling them. I used to carry around an order form door to door and ask my neighbors how many boxes they want and then four weeks later deliver and collect the money. Today, the Girl Scout's family commits to the number they will sell and immediately bring home the cookies. Then they can deliver immediately and collect the money at the same time. Instant Gratification!

My friend Miss A sold over 500 boxes of cookies in  2011.  She is a member of  Juliette in Broken Arrow. Her goal this year is 300 boxes.
My BFF's little girl Miss R is in her first year of Girl Scouts. Her cookie goal is 100 boxes.
She belongs to Troop #202 in Broken Arrow.

Who has/will have cookies?
Won't you help the two girls above and the other local Girl Scouts make their ONE MILLION BOX goal that they have set? If you are a parent of a Girl Scout and would like to make it known that you are involved in selling cookies this year, please leave your contact information and area that your are selling in so that our readers can contact you in the comments below. If you don't want to leave your phone number, you can leave your Twitter id, email, or Facebook Message Name. Or if you are a blog reader and would like to be contacted leave your information as well. We would also encourage you to leave your information on our Facebook page also!  You can also tweet me, leave a comment, or email me and I can get you a hook up! You can also message the following ladies at Twitter who work at the Girl Scouts of Eastern Oklahoma and they can help you, Elizabeth Poe- Product Specialist or Ingrid Williams- Chief Communications Officer.

Remember, always plan to meet in a safe place to exchange with people you don't know- yes this goes for Housewives also!

♥Mrs. Hart♥
who before she was

was a Girl Scout!

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