Freeze drying and Bigfoot

So last night I could not sleep. I had been flipping through channels and landed on Animal Planet. "Finding Bigfoot" that new show was on, and I had to watch just for the laughability. The commercials I had seen for it were seriously absurd.

The show was amusing, it did not disappoint. Talk about crazy people with active imaginations and WAY too much time on their hands. After two episodes of that, another show came on. American Stuffers. Y'all! What in the heck?? {Also, why don't I have my own show yet? They seem to give everyone else one.}

Let me give you the low down on this American Stuffers. This is not the opposite of American Pickers, by the way. It is about taxidermy. And PET PRESERVATION, aka freeze drying your Fido or Fluffy.  This man in Romance, Arkansas is one of the only people in the country who will preserve your pet by freeze drying it in a pose of your choice. On the creepy scale of 1-10, this is like a 34. Heebie jeebies. Can you imagine walking into some one's house and finding one of these?

This photo from Xtreme Taxidermy, the business featured on the show.

This seriously weirded me out. Not to mention he does all kinds of other wacky stuff to make his wife angry like drying wild hog skulls out in her oven because they were too oily to paint. I must recommend you watch this show. You really need to experience it for yourself. I can't even explain the people and their emotions about the pets they pick up. I have no words. You will have to see for yourself.

Happy viewing!
Mrs. Sinclair,

with insomnia

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