Hollywood Makeovers for the RHOK Stars

The RHOK Stars love makeovers. Secretly they all wish they could be REAL Hollywood Stars. Now housewives ALL over the country can, thanks to InStyle.  All you have to do is go to Hollywood Hair Virtual Makeover Salon and yes, there is an iPad App for this!

Disclosure: what you are about to see is all fun and games, no ill and scary makeovers were really made to the RHOK Stars and for proof of this you will have to join us at Louie's for Trivia Night tomorrow night at 7:30 in Jenks!

Mrs. Hart always heard that blonde's have more fun- at least Ali  Larter seemed to in  most of the movies/shows she has been in!

Mrs. Sinclair's daughter is very pleased with her mom's Taylor Swift makeover.

E.T. is seriously considering coming back to Earth after seeing Mrs. Montgomery hotter than a grown up Drew Barrymore!

Mrs. Priss makes a lovely Amy Adams don't you think? Wonder if she can sing and act like Amy does?
WooHoo, Mrs. Hart watch out you are going to have some "cruisin'" looks with this Katie Holmes do!
ONLY Mrs. Albright can pull off the pink teenage dreams of Katy Perry!
Whoa Mrs. Priss, we are keeping you home sweet home Oklahoma with this legally blonde do- compliments of Reese Witherspoon!

Watch out Project Runway, Mrs. Sinclair knows her stuff way more than Heidi  Klum.
Mrs. Albright's loves the CAMera.
 Doesn't she RHOK the Cameron Diaz look?

Mrs. Montgomery will always be your most loyal "friend"- just leave her Brad  Bubba alone.
Isn't that great advice from Jen Aniston?
Have fun housewives changing your makeup, hair, eyes, etc! We would love to see your Hollywood Makeovers. Just leave us a link in the comments! Hope to see you tomorrow night for a fun evening of trivia with The RHOK Stars.

♥Mrs. Hart♥
Having fun and being silly, but seriously wanting a
real Hollywood makeover like

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