How To Get A Boy's Attention

The answer is simple.
Get in the bathtub.

I'm not usually a bathtub kind of gal, but when I decide to take one I hang out for a while and relish the peace and quiet.  I put my iPad in a big plastic baggie and read my books on it while I soak in the hot water.
It is lovely.

Well, it's supposed to be lovely.

It is a guarantee that at least two out of three boys in my house will have the need to come in and talk to me about something.  Rarely are these somethings that are an emergency - but you knew that.

And as I always think I am freezing to death, the bathroom heaters are on full blast to keep me warm.  Don't worry about shutting the door, honey.  I'd like to heat up the rest of the house too.

But sometimes they do shut the door (without me yelling it out).  During these times it is also inevitable that one or both dogs will follow the boys into my bathroom and end up trapped in there with me.

Snicker thinks it is too hot and starts pacing around the bathroom.  Doodle just stands there and stares at me without blinking.  It's hard to relax with this in your face.

Whatcha doin?

What happened to my peaceful moment?

In the past, I haven't locked the door in case someone really needed to talk to me.  I tried to just pretend this was part of family life.  As of yesterday, it is no longer part of family life.  Doors are no longer made to be opened.

Operation LOCK THE DOOR is going into effect immediately.

Something about an 8 year old boy walking in and staring at you will make you think twice about an open door policy.

Something about an 8 year old boy laughing and pointing at you telling you your b00bies look funny will make you never forget to lock a door.

Not that I would know.
It's just a story I once heard.

~ Mrs. Priss

who can't keep the boys away...

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