How To Make $1000

After the stress of Christmas, there is often the stress of a smaller bank account.
Over here in South Tulsa, we have solved that problem.
Someone lost a dog and has spent a fortune on signs to find it.
They are offering $1000 for the return of their dog.

Can you believe it?

That's a lotta dough.
Mrs. Sinclair and I are in a race to see who can find that dog first.

I've searched night...

and day...

Snicker called his friends.

Didn't help - in case you were wondering.  Big dogs don't hang with the little guys, I guess.
Next, my boys and I hunted in all the usual places.

And who will find that puppy first?
Mrs. Sinclair's team are hot on our heels.

Here's hoping the coyotes didn't beat us to it.

~ Mrs. Priss

who would love to be reimbursed from Christmas (and then some).

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