Super Chick T-Shirt Giveaway

Mrs. Albright told you all on Monday about how I won the "New Chick" contest at Happy First, a local business here in the Tulsa area. 
Thank you, Thank you, for such kind words Mrs. A.
But really, The RHOK wouldn't be what it is without such great readers and supporters- and I happen to know that a lot of you voted via Facebook for me in this contest. Thank you!
Here is the story behind my design for the shirt. Yes, I had to submit an essay and a design idea once the name I submitted was chose amongst the top 9.

"Super is an adjective meaning outstanding; exceptionally fine. When paired with the word Chick- an attractive girl, Super Chick of course means that the female wearing the shirt expels the exceptional beauty, confidence and hard work ethic that every woman naturally has. Every woman has an outstanding story to tell. We all have a history and a promising future ahead of us. Super Chick conveys this message to the one wearing the shirt and lets the rest of the world know that she is a SUPER CHICK also!  My vision for this shirt is the Happy First Egg with a Chick wearing a girly cape and of course an "S"! A crown has to be present. Either on the "S" or on the Chick. Then of course the words Super Chick."

As you can see from the design below, my vision was pretty much right on.
The charity I chose for this shirt to benefit is Turn Tulsa Pink. 30% of the proceeds will go toward them until March 31, 2012. You can also purchase the Super Chick shirt and any other design right now at this link with free shipping without using a code.

 Ms. Debbie Vinyard, owner of Happy First has graciously given me a couple of extra shirts which seems fitting to only give to one of our awesome readers out there, the other I will be giving away on my own personal blog- which you are more than welcome to enter there also!
(both shirts I have are a size L, I grabbed the largest they come in- if you win and need a smaller size we can get it)

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♥Mrs. Hart♥

Who is very humbled by all of your votes! Thank You!

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