Treasure Hunters - Geocaching!

It was time for the RHOK to try out geocaching.
Funny thing is that the most prissy and least outdoorsy housewife was the only one available to go once the day arrived.  Yeah, that would be the aptly named Mrs. Priss, a.k.a. me.  I didn't get that name by camping frequently, you know.

What's a geocache you ask?

Sorry, Yogi, but this is not typical housewife-y language.

Geocaching is a sort of treasure hunt.  I'm going to add that the word treasure is relative.  I'm also going to add that there are a small number of treasures this housewife would be willing to wander around in the wilderness for.

In advance of our geocaching adventure, Yogi (our fearless guide) went to the geocache website and got the coordinates for our finds.  He plugs them into this handheld GPS and away we go into the wilderness.

Maybe I should mention that the term wilderness can be relative as well.

The most important thing about geocaching for any housewife is the attire.  I put on my best (and only) woodsy clothes.  And because the world needs balance, I added some sparkly hoop earrings.

At the last minute, I grabbed my neighbor and her son to join the hunt.

Right off the bat, we found a multicache.  This means, you have to find more than one thing.  We found the cache, but we had to find the stick with a hook in order to retrieve it.  Yogi walked right over and found it.

Inside the caches we found were a bunch of kid toy trinkets - fake bugs, mardi gras chain, even a few movies!
Also inside every cache is a pencil and a notepad to record the date and your name.  Who doesn't like to write an "I WAS HERE" every once in a while.

As a gal who appreciates the indoors more than most, I have to admit this was really fun.  Next time we have a perfectly sunny day with mild temperatures and little wind, I will be glad to take my boys out to find some more treasure.

Those are my requirements, anyway.

Turns out you can get a geocache app on your iPhone.
Have you ever found a geocache?
Are you going to?

~ Mrs. Priss

Usually enjoying nature from a distance, and...

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