Finding Relief from Grief

I have several friends dealing with the death of a loved one. I struggle with what to say or do in times like these. I want to take their pain away. I want to make it all better. It's hard to know what they need. I've been researching different sites for grief. They all say very similar things such as, don't use cliches or don't assume they want to be alone. Grief can strike at anytime, you try to prepare, but there is no preparing.
I came across an interesting book, Finding Your Way Through Grief, by Kim Thomas. Kim is a person who is inordinately talented. Not only is she a  recording artist (Say-So) and painter ("City on a Hill" and Sixpence’s "This Beautiful Mess" covers), but also a powerful author. If you are experiencing grief or are close to someone who is, you will find in Kim's story an honest admission about the pain of loss. She also offers 30 days of reflections from Scripture that provide hope based on the tender and powerful love of God for those who have known heartache and are making their way through it. 
If you have lost a loved one what are some special ways your friends have supported you during the difficult times? Maybe you have not lost someone close to you, but have helped a friend through their loss. Post what helped relieve the pain of grieving for you or your loved one.

Mrs. Montgomery
Trying to Support My Friends Like...

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