Hey, Oscar. Entertain me?

The Oscars are usually something I look forward to every year.

This is year I could very well have fallen asleep. In fact I have already fallen asleep twice trying to write this post!!

I generally try and see all the movies nominated, too. But, that's a big 'ol NO too this year. The Artist? Isn't that a new movie about an old movie that barely has dialogue? Yet it won best picture and best actor? Whatev.

In light of these boring developments: I will just move straight to fashion. That's generally why I love to watch  the most anyway. I love when my favorite actor or movie wins- but it's even better when they do it in a great dress!

First up is Octavia Spencer.  I loved the WIN! I loved the silver. I loved the Help!

And staying with the Help, and Emma Stone (hello? Where was her nom?) I give you her in fuchsia.

I adore the flowy-ness and the bow on the side. Emma is one of my favorite new up & comers.

Next, let's talk an obvious WIN in a bad dress. Meryl is awesome, we all know this. But Meryl in 1980's gold lame? No thanks.

I also think that Michelle Williams and Viola Davis totally gave Meryl a run for her money in the acting department, but completely beat her out in the dress department. Viola was a vision in her green number- and Michelle was the lady to beat in red.
She is just as cute as she looks. Did y'all see her on Letterman? She is a doll.

Also, awesome in red was Natalie Portman. Just see for yourselves.

That's about it for my fashion low down. I don't generally add men in the mix, bc let's face it. A black tux is a black tux, is a black tux. Clooney looked great with Stacy, Brad- I really hate his hair long. There wasn't anyone else I really even noticed.

Please let us know what you thought were the highlights from the night!

Mrs. Sinclair,
A RHOK star
who maybe should of had a nap


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