In Search of a Valentine

I don't know about you, but the only thing I miss about dating is the stories.  They may not have been funny at the time, but now they are some of my favorite memories.  The search for the love of my life was downright fun!

Don't get me wrong - I don't want to go back to it.  
I love being the Doc's wife.

With Valentine's day coming up, it seems to be the perfect time to talk about finding love - a.k.a. dating. And today I'm going to share stories from some of the housewives about their past experiences.

I'd love to tell you how I ran from my prom date when he tried to kiss me, but that's already been done - here.
Yeah, I really did that.

I'd also love to tell you about my friend's blind date who answered the door nekkid when she rang the doorbell.  But that's not my story, that's hers.  And it wasn't so long ago, either.

These are pictures from our younger dating days.  Aren't we adorable?
Nice outfit.
Is he the one?
At the prom with what's-his-name.
Sans giant blue glasses...
90's Glamourshot?

Think you've got us figured out?
Read the stories below (two per housewife) and see if you know who the story belongs to:

A.  This housewife dated a boy who drove a pink truck and was considered a Cowboy Casanova.  He really got around - just not with her.
A. This same housewife was an RA in the college dorm who went out with another RA and stayed out past curfew.  That REBEL! Afterward, he told everyone she kissed like a board.  A month later she literally kissed him goodbye and sent him on his way (after he admitted she didn't kiss like a board, of course).

B. This housewife dated a model & was completely smitten with his aqua blue eyes - until he came out of the closet.
B. This same housewife had a boyfriend who didn't want to go to the prom.  He also told her to accept another date, so she went with one of his neighbors.  The stupid boy then told her, "You could've at least picked someone I like!"

C. This housewife once asked a boy (from another school) to a formal dance but forgot to tell him he would need a tux.  On the day of the event he asked her, "Is this a coat and tie sort of thing?"
C. This same housewife was set up on a blind date in college for her sorority party.  Throughout the evening they never said two words to each other.  His lack of interest did not stop her from having fun! She later passed out (from all the fun, of course) and found his fraternity letters written on her leg in Sharpie marker when her friends woke her up.

Look Ma! No wheels!
D. On this housewife's first date with her husband, he lost his doors, tires, top & stereo from his Jeep in the time it took to come to her front door and walk her out to the car.  They took her car out that night.
D. This same housewife went on a first date with a guy to the beach (how romantic!). When the bill came to the table, he handed it to her and said, "I didn't bring any money." She thinks she should have clued in when he asked her to drive.  Thank goodness she did, though - she was able to leave him at the restaurant.

E. This housewife's junior high boyfriend gave her a hickey at a school dance.  She tried and tried to wipe it off with a coin because someone told her that would get rid of it. It doesn't work, by the way.
E. This same housewife went to a movie with her best friend and a boy they both liked.  Throughout the movie, they took turns mugging down with him. Yeah, that was also junior high.

And there you have it.  True stories of these desperate housewives when they were desperate singles.
Can you match the story to the housewife?
See if you get it right in the comments below!  I'll leave the answers in the comments at the day's end so you can check back and see if you are right.

Winner gets... to be the winner. Sometimes bragging rights are enough, yes?

Got a funny story to share from your early dating experiences? Tell us in the comments.  
We LOVE a good story!

~ Mrs. Priss

I kissed a boy, and I liked it

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