Thrifty Nifty Deal of the Week

I love checking my mail on Tuesday. Why? Because I get these...

Yes, the local grocery store ads for the week. I admit it, I kind of get that little flutter of excitement to see exactly how far I can stretch my family grocery budget for the week and also see what kind of great deals I can catch. I also admit that I am a better competitor ad shopper than couponer, even though I do carry around my coupon folder each time I go major shopping. This week I scored at Reasors without having to do much couponing or competitor ad shopping. Did you happen to see Reasors circular this week? No?
Then my advice is get it now! 
BTW, thank you Mr. Presidents'.

Here are a few deals I picked up.
Assorted Pork Chops $1.69/lb
Boneless Skinles Fryer Breast $1.69/lb
8lbs of Russet Potatoes $2.29
Surprise Buy! Kraft Cheese  Chunks 8oz $1.77 limit 4

Oh, and here is my Thrifty Nifty Buy of the Week- yes coupons are involved!
Ocean Spray Juice- $2.18, but after two Reasors in-store circular manufacturer coupons of .55 and a manufacturer coupon from Ocean Spray for buy 2 get one free for a Cherry Juice Drink, my cost per bottle came to $1.09.
The .55 coupons can be found in the Healthy Lifestyles Sweepstakes circular at the front of the Reasors stores by the other Reasors weekly ads- and yes there are several valuable coupons in this paper that you will want and some don't expire until almost June. That's how I got my deal, but if you might also be able to pick up one of these B1G1 coupons from Ocean Spray here for the new Cherry Drink Juice also, supplies are limited.

I might have been able to use an additional .55 coupon on my third bottle, but I didn't feel honest trying that out. What are your thoughts? Have you made any Thrifty Nifty Deals for the week on groceries, clothes, etc?
Tell us about them, maybe others can save also.

♥Mrs. Hart♥
Trying to save a buck or three like

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