What is on Your DVR List?

I have been sick. Really sick. The doctors thought it was my appendix. It's not. I wish it had been my appendix, then they could have taken it out, plus maybe sucked a couple of pounds fat that they had to go through to get to it. But no...I just have to have a nice gut wrenching infection that no one can tell me how I got. You are really glad that you signed in to read about this today, right? Believe me, I have spared you lots of details. The other housewives have not been so lucky. Probably the most heartbreaking story of all of this is telling my 5 year old daughter that she is NOT getting a a baby sister.

I stayed in bed Friday, Saturday and Sunday...yes bloggers can write from the confines of their bed. I love my Kindle Fire and iPhone. I didn't Facebook at all. I read and played dominoes- I will beat that Amazonian Androidian computer expert yet. I also caught up on the DVR.

Let me tell you about my DVR setup. The minute I found out that Cox offered a dual DVR setup, I had it installed. A dual DVR allows my husband to watch his shows aka sports in the living room while I watch mine in the bedroom without interrupting each other. Now don't get me wrong. I love sports, but I am a better live gamer than a couch gamer.

Now when you see my DVR lineup you will see why I have a DVR- I never watch TV shows when they happen. Does anyone? Between sporting events, ballet, PTA, volunteering and the other activities that we do during the week it's a wonder we aren't all seasons behind on some of our favorite shows.

Here is my DVR list...

My scheduled recordings...

Did you notice that my most recorded is Oklahoma's own The Pioneer Woman? None of those get deleted after I have watched them.

What is on your DVR list? When do you take time to catch up on your favorite shows? Hopefully its not like I had too, ever...

♥Mrs. Hart♥
Recovering from the confines of her bed, very thankful for modern technology like a

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