Hello, my name is Mrs. Hart and I confess...I am addicted to mobile gaming. No, not just any game either- Draw Something by OMGPOP.  "Draw Something is THE addictive social drawing game and its now available free for Apple iOS and Android Devices! Draw and guess words, play cooperatively with friends or competitively with rivals." I basically describe it as mobile Pictionary. I have been a member of the iFamily for exactly a year now and this is my first time to engage in such play- scandalous, huh?

You might ask, what is the obsession with this? Absolutely nothing other than the challenge of figuring out someone else's drawing and guessing the word being drawn. No one really wins "the game", you both gain coins or a percentage of coins if you guess each others drawings. That is why it is kind of fun to find someone who is good- not me, LOL! Oh, and be careful because you can have lots of games going on at one time. Let me show you a few of my games. Now remember, I do not profess to be an artist. Also, keep in mind some of the drawings you wonder why or how you or the other person ever thought of such way to draw the word given to them. I have even seen some of drawings that simply look like gutter talk -I am not showing you any of these.

My cousin Tonya F. made me guess this one.

My SIL Elizabeth W. drew this one!
I drew WATER for my BFF Angela K., she guessed it! WooHoo!
I guessed this one immediately, but it did leave me guessing exactly HOW this person could be such an artist.
An iPad allows you more room than an iPhone and some devices allow the use of a stylus.

I did not guess this one. Was all around it, but it didn't come to me. Kicked myself when I found out.
Do you know what it is? Tell me in the comments.

I love when I guess the item how the game tells me how "DRAWSOME" I am! Are you "DRAWSOME" yet? If so invite me to play a game. My Draw Something name is ShaRhonda C. and yes, I am addicted. If not, download the free version now and get started. The premium version is available right now for .99- no ads and more words!

♥Mrs. Hart♥
who is confessing her gaming addictions today like

Disclosure: I am really not "addicted". I can brush my teeth, put my makeup and clothes on, and go to work 6 hours each day before I have to play a game. I usually play during American Idol, or some other television program.

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