Beauty Product Ideas for Summer 2012

My girlfriends have been discussing all things SUMMER. It looks like it's going to be a hot one! Are you ready? Well don't fret. Let's discuss some products for our pool/beach/weekend bags:

1. Spray Tan
    Do you spray tan? I personally do not, however I am finding many do. Don't let what happened to my sister recently happen to you...

    After laughing hysterically, we googled ways to remove. It's not an easy task. What are your favorite spray products? I've heard Fake Bake is excellent. 

2.  Sunscreen
     I use a high SPF every summer & still get a nice color. I love Ocean Potion. It works well. No allergies & smells wonderful. 
  What are your favorite sunscreens? I really enjoy the brands that go on well & smell nice.

3. Kissable Lips
     For me, it's important to protect the lips. Mine burn when out in the sun. I like to find lip gloss with SPF of 30. Not always easy. I did find this stuff. Kiss My Face Organic Sport Lip Balm with SPF 30. It's only $2!

  So what are your fave summer lip shades? Please share. Every girl needs a good gloss in her bag.

Share your "pool bag" must haves with us. Really want to hear about your summer beauty products!

xoxo ~
Mrs. Montgomery
Working on my Tan Like...

Mrs. Montgomery was not paid nor given any of these products to demo in lieu of this post. If anyone would like to send Mrs. Montgomery products to review please email her as she would be happy to try a few.

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