An Itch to Etch: Another Craft by Mrs. Hart

Line by line, moment by moment, special times are etched into our memories in the permanent ink of everlasting love in our relationships.- Gloria Gaither

I love personalized items with my last name. You would think with a name like Crow, I mean HART, I would be able to find lots and lots of memorabilia that would name the figure, right? Wrong. I married after that era. I only have one bird at my nest. So I try to make up for it here and there with letters and other items to give our home a little style.

Our niece is getting married March 20, 2012. I had an itch to get creative with her wedding gift. She is still in college and will be setting up a home for the first time, so of course she is going to need it ALL. Since one of my favorite things to do is cook, I went on a Pinterest search and ran across a few glass etching projects with Pyrex casserole dishes. Who doesn't love a good casserole? Who doesn't like to impress their family with a great casserole the first time you have them for dinner? Or, have you ever taken a casserole dish to a potluck or to a friend and had to leave the dish and never have it returned?

Here is the gift that my niece opened yesterday from us- Personalized Etched Casserole Dishes, etched personally by ME!

It only takes contact paper, Pyrex/Anchor Hocking Casserole Dishes, a Cricut, a single use sponge paint brush and a magic ingredient from Hobby Lobby called Armour Etch- $19.99 for the 10oz size so make sure you use a 40% of coupon! And of course rubber gloves and eye protection (yeah right- I had to put that disclosure in there).

Cut contact paper line side up with Cricut. You will need to predetermine size according to number of letter and size of pan.

Peel paper off of the contact paper. Lay the sticky side of contact paper on the underside of pan. Make sure all edges are completely smooth and even. No gaps.

When you flip it over, this is how the letters/name will appear.

Apply a very generous amount of Armour Etch with sponge paint brush. Make sure you wear gloves (I did) and proper eye protection like the bottle says. Only put cream where you want it etched.  Leave on pan for one hour. Then rinse etching solution off. Make sure you clean your sink thoroughly. Then remove contact paper and wash again, can use soap. DO NOT scrub pan at this time.

The 8x11 dish- ELLIOTT on the bottom

The 9x13 pan- ELLIOTT on one side.
I etched from the inside on this one.
The other side of the 9x13- EST 2012
The 11x13- the happy couple's initials!

I have over 3/4 of Armour Etch left. I guess I will just have to keep on etching. This is really addicting and fun. Imagine all of the glassware and all of the cute sayings you could etch. Wine glasses, pie plates, dessert plates, mirrors, candy dishes....the list goes on and on! I can't wait to use the rest of my bottle. What etching project do you have an itch to try first? Can't decide? I have a few ideas on my Pinterest board, Craft Ideas, if you want to take a look.

♥Mrs. Hart♥
Keeping the Crafting Itch like 

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