One of the gals from the RHOK posted this on our Facebook page recently and I really had a chuckle over it.
Facebook has been way too fun for me.  It has made it too easy for me to share laughs with 800 of my closest friends over the past few years.  But are we really communicating with each other?

I have one friend who isn't allowed to be my Facebook friend because his wife has never met me.  I don't have a problem with that, but I find it odd since I never dated him and he lives 2000 miles away.  Either way, it works for them.  Or does it...
You see, the funny thing is that we talk to each other using Words With Friends.  This makes things complicated.
I wanted to tell my friend that I was having a fun girls trip to Vegas so I sent a message through our current game.  He had a little bit of trouble with it.

Since it has been 20 years or so since we hung out, it made sense that he didn't remember who my friend Leslie was.  Conversing by typing on my cell isn't my favorite so I tried to indicate that she was one of my best friends from high school by typing "bf."
You can see how that went over.

And then came the clarification and the AHA(!) moment.

I seriously recommend typing carefully.
This is how rumors get started.

And how was Vegas?
We didn't share a hooker, but we danced. And danced. And danced.
See our Ellen dance dare video?

Oh - and we hung out with the band and compared our matching boots, too.
Or maybe that was just me.
I just love musicians.

My name is Priss and I am a groupie.

Do you have any funny communication faux pas to share?

Mrs. Priss 

Who stayed out all night in Vegas like...

(who also remembered later that she's too old for this)

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