My Own Little Antiques Roadshow

Are you a junker?  Do you like going to Antique stores full of garage sale items?

My friend Lisa always finds treasure in these places, but I just find some great things to point and laugh at.  Lisa has a talent that I don't have - she can make trash look like treasure!  I may not love these places on my own but I always have fun walking the aisles of the store with Lisa.

I know you're hoping I'm about to show off Lisa's treasure, but I'm not.  And as cute as Lisa is, she refused to be photographed.  

I'm going to show you what is trending at the junk antiques store in Jenks, Oklahoma.  I must warn you - I am not the iPhone-ographer that Mrs. Albright is.  I snap 'em and I show 'em - without the editing.  

Just keeping it real.  
Or being lazy.  
Whatever you want to call it.

Are you ready?

Doll collectors and makers - this is your place.  
And... your place is creepy.
This is where serial killers go to find ideas for body disposal.

baby in a bag
parts in a jar
I saw this in a 1980's horror film
peek-a-boo... I see you
This is where Cabbage Patch dolls go to die.
The "beautiful designer doll"

Never fear, junking is not only for doll collectors!  You can buy clothes appropriate for anytime from 1970-1985.  I am seriously coming back here for Halloween.  I did score a totally hot Christmas sweater for $4 with all of the bells and whistles.

I'll just show you a few more exciting things I found before I sign off.  Something has to get your mind off of those creepy dolls, right?

*** shudders ***

I should have tried this on.
toilet seat cover - complete with pee stain
silver arm
Can we have a crazy Easter sweater party?  
Satan called.
He wants his puppet back.
Everyone knows that old saying about manure.
And everyone wants it framed on their wall.
I think this was a Stephen King movie.
A wreath with a random girl's picture in the middle?
c'mon... vogue...
(picture Madonna's video)
Used toddler potty seat cover - I did not check this for pee stains
Now I will leave you with a wink and a smile.
Or a wink and a grimace by way of these evil babies.

Makes me think of a bald Chucky doll or The Shining.
I can almost hear them saying "RED RUM" while riding their tricycles.
Hey, hot stuff... wanna ride?
Are you a junk store aficionado?
Where are the good places to go and what do you find?

Mrs. Priss

Sorting through the trash like...

who narrowly escaped the serial killer who followed us through the store.

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