Spring Break Ideas

I am blogging from Spring Break 2012.
I'm not on the balmy beaches of the Atlantic.

I'm not on the snowy white mountains of the Rockies.
Seriously. How cute is Mrs. Priss!

I'm here...

So fun. So crazy. So Swag.
Here are some ideas for a Spring Break Staycation...
  • Avoid your local zoo, aquarium, museums during this time, unless you love crowds of kids & irritated moms
  • Rent lots of kids movies & fun snacks
  • Send the kids outside - in the event of bad weather, send them to Grandma's
  • Make a kids "To Do List" include things like, clean/organize garage
  • Hire neighborhood teen to babysit so you can meet your girlfriends for lunch & shopping
  • Get glue, paint, glitter {for girls}, sand {for boys} - let the kids craft
  • Call your hubby every 30 mins & ask, "When are you coming home?"
What are you doing for Spring Break? Are you rocking at "staycation" or traveling to an exotic location?
If ya wanna catch Lorax 3D Holla'!
xoxo ~
Mrs. Montgomery
Staying in my pjs all Spring Break like...

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