Spring! Flowers! Fun!

Happy first day of Spring y'all!  Of course around here, it wasn't even like we really had winter- so I think we just merged, rather than changed. We already had a wonderful string of 80 degree sunny days, only to become a FLASH FLOOD thunderstorm state just in time for Spring Break. Of course! It's Oklahoma, after all!

Spring is birthday season at my house. My kids have 3/24 and 3/26 birthdays....so this weekend it's party central around here-whether I am ready or not. They are turning 12 and 8, I can't even believe that. I may need to find some some sort of superwoman energy drink to get me through! Luckily, the kids have been with grandma since Saturday- but will come home tomorrow. At least I had a little R&R to prepare.

My personal favorite parts of spring are flowers, cleaning out the yard for summer fun, both the nice weather, and, I know it may be weird: thunderstorms!  Baseball season is also fun-but I am not gonna lie it's nice when it rains a little and there is no rushing to practice!

Lately I have seen so many pictures people are posting of flowers popping up all over, from the ground to the trees. It's always nice to see landscapes all over the US from people on Instagram and Twitter! I love it, don't you agree? But, do you know how many people think certain flowers (especially on trees) are something they are not? It seems quite a lot. I feel it is my civic and Southern duty to give you a little Spring horticulture lesson before I leave you to enjoy your break and your flower photography.


This is a MAGNOLIA. Your Southern card shall be pulled if this is mislabeled.


State Tree of Oklahoma: RED BUD

The ever so lovely TULIP TREE


I just love all of those trees above. They are so gorgeous in full bloom! The other white floral trees you see everywhere are Bradford pears. They are probably the most prevalent, and are pretty- but they stink to high heaven! Have you ever taken a whiff of one in full bloom? Amazing how something so pretty can smell that bad!

I hope y'all enjoy your first day of Spring (even though it may be a bit dreary)! Let me know your favorite spring flower and activities in the comments. We are nosy around here, we like to know things.

Mrs. Sinclair,
searching for her rain boots and umbrella

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