You Might Call It a RHOK Out...

So, the housewives decided to try another weekend RHOK Out again last weekend. We'd had many requests for a weekend get-together and we were feeling pretty good with the RSVP's. But, it turned out to just be the housewives, hubbies and a few close friends who actually showed up. Yeah, not thinking the weekends are the time for RHOK Outs!

It didn't really matter to us though, as we had a terrific time! We met at Baker's Street Pub & Grill to hear Uninvited Guest perform. They are a great dance band playing fun music from the 80's! Baker's Street is personally not my favorite place to be on a weekend night. It's too crowded and such a "meat market", if you know what I mean. However, you do get to see things you might not typically see on a Monday night!

We were joined by two former RHOK Housewives - Mrs. Edwards and Mrs. Coco. It was great seeing them again. It had been too long. Thank you, girls, for coming!  My dear friend Kris also made it out to hang with us. We were missing Mrs. Hart though. She was sick. Boo! I, along with Mrs. Priss and Mrs. Montgomery brought along our hubbies. It made for a fun couple's night out. We need to do that more often. I love that I actually love these ladies AND their husbands.

Me, Mrs. Priss, Mrs. Montgomery, JennyKate (former Mrs. Edwards), Christy (former Mrs. Coco) and Kris.

The housewives minus Mrs. Hart

And, now, for a few candid photos of our evening....

Mr. and Mrs. Montgomery

Mr. and Mrs. Albright

Look who we ran in to? It's our RHOK friend, Patrick. He was there with his beautiful girlfriend. It was nice to meet her.
Yes, Mrs. Priss is wearing lots of glow-in-the-dark hoops on her ears! 

We are sorry you weren't able to come hang out with us. You missed a good time. We will be planning future RHOK Outs. What night of the week do you think is best for RHOK Outs? Where would you like to see us host future events? We'd love your feedback.

I just wanted to remind everyone who uses the iPhone app Instagram of our upcoming Instameet next Sunday, March 11 at McNellie's Pub, downtown Tulsa at 12:00pm. I know the 12:00 time is not convenient, but it's a worldwide meetup and Instagram set the time. We would love to meet you and learn about your favorite editing applications and tips. We will then go on an Instawalk in the downtown area.

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Mrs. Albright
Rockin' the RHOK Out, like.....

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