Calling all Queens of the Diamond

I am a Baseball Momma. I have two boys playing competitive ball. With that comes crazy practice schedules, hectic dinner menus, mitt hunting, gatorade toting, iphone photog,  blinged out t's, wild cheerleader from the bleachers & white pants washer.
Here are a few of my favorite things for Baseball Season 2012....

How many of us Oklahoma Baseball Moms deal with this after a game...

Some games I just want to cry after that first slide.

One of my baseball mom friends recommended this product for white pant stains. I'm so excited to try it!
It is only 99 cents at your local grocer.

 I currently use Zout. 

It works well, however there a few red dirt/grass stains that remain.
Some other baseball moms have recommended "Iron Out".
It is toxic & you have to soak pants in it with hot water overnight then wash as normal.

Last tip on white pants....

Car Wash. Yep. Pin the pants where the rubber car mats would be washed & spray away. It really works.

Every Baseball Momma knows how hot it can get out on the field & in the bleachers. To keep my boys cool I want to try  ammonia water this season. Here is the 411:

Ammonia Water has been a traditional "refresher" used by softball, baseball & football coaches during hot weather games.  
Ingredients for ammonia water and use:
2oz. bottle of "Spirits of Ammonia"
Actually it's Aromatic Ammonia Spirit U.S.P.
3 bottles make 4 gallons
1 gal. plastic bucket (some use a playmate type cooler).
About 4-7 washcloths.

Fill bucket 1/2 full of ice, pour 3/4 bottle of "spirits of ammonia" into bucket for each gallon, fill the rest of bucket with water and mix. Place washcloths into bucket and stir around a couple of times. When player comes off field and into dugout area, pick up washcloth, wring out excess and wipe down arms, face (DON'T suck on washcloth), neck (front and back), shoulders, chest, etc. It really is effective while held on back of neck, especially "catchers" and "pitchers". And please don't inhale to a great degree, only mildly. Do this between innings. Next day, team will be asking for it.

If players are young, coaches should help them. Please don't let them DRINK it! 
This is an "instant" relief and feels similar to just getting out of a shower. Teams have been using this mixture for 20 yrs. and it has eased some very hot daytime tournaments. It is also excellent for people working outside such as yard work, etc. Be sure not to use household ammonia. A team reported it started to burn their skin. 
Ammonia can be poisonous if used improperly.

There are a lot of moms using those "chilly towels". Do they work? What brand do you buy?

What about your bling? What is your favorite tshirt to wear to the games?

I have a few I wear. Including a few hats, tanks, water bottles, blankies...LOL!
I believe there a few other baseball mommas out there so be sure to Holla' & share your favorite tips, ideas, t-shirts, whatever makes your season easier & fun!
Mrs. Montgomery
Wearing my Baseball Crown like...

Mrs. Montgomery was not paid nor given any of these products to demo in lieu of this post. If anyone would like to send Mrs. Montgomery baseball related products to review please email her as she would be happy to try a few.

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Anonymous said...

We have red dirt where I live and have a product called "sports cleaner". It is the best thing I have ever used!


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