The Meeting

The writers of the RHOK have started holding monthly meetings to connect and plan.  I bet you didn't know that.  This is what last month's meeting looked like in my super messy game room.

I know what you're thinking.  You are wondering if we actually accomplish anything at these meetings.
The answer is... kinda.

Our meetings are appropriately dubbed the "RHOK Talk" because we don't have a shortage of things to say.
You are shocked.  

At our April meeting, we planned some RHOK Outs for this summer and fall.  
We really did.

At one point, I started taking notes when Mrs. Montgomery pointed out the absurdity of our conversations.
Keep in mind as you read on - what I'm about to share is only the portion that is appropriate to share.  The most hilarious snippet from Mrs. Hart was not bloggable.  

There was some seriously funny stuff going down in the corner booth at Applebee's.  
The following are snippets from our meeting.
  • Mrs. Montgomery: "Are we going to have a Mom Prom?"
  • Mrs. Montgomery (talking GCB): "Grace. Forgiveness. Mercy. You gotta PROVE it by your actions. Thank you, Jesus."
  • Mrs. Albright: "Just a good bunkin' ain't gonna do it."
  • Mrs. Montgomery: "Are we going to have a Mom Prom?"
  • Mrs. Priss: "We're gonna get shirts for $5! Oh, we don't like Gildan?"
  • Mrs. Montgomery: "Are we going to have a Mom Prom?"
  • Mrs. Montgomery to Priss: "You're a good ride."
  • Mrs. Albright to Priss: "What was that wiener taster we saw at Gordmans?"
  • Mrs. Montgomery: "Are we going to have a Mom Prom?"
  • We all bellyached over the trauma of fat-fingering our Drawing With Friends pictures while Mrs. Sinclair passed out iPhone pens for each of the housewives. PENS!
  • Mrs. Albright whined about the fact that no one was commenting on her Facebook post.
  • Mrs. Hart showed up in a hot pink Journey 4 Jugs shirt.  Discussion ensued.
  • Mrs. Albright began showing off screen shots of her extravagant pictures from Drawing With Friends.  (Someone requires a lot of attention)
  • Mrs. Priss showed Mrs. Albright the bruise on her butt.
  • Mrs. Priss showed off a picture of Mrs. Albright in a horrid outfit with camel toe that she previously promised to delete.  Priss and Albright find it hysterical that Priss - the picture taker - shows up in the picture and appears to be naked because her hair covers the strap of her shirt. I'd show you the picture, but then I'd have to kill you.
  • You will notice there are not a lot of quotes from Mrs. Sinclair and Mrs. Hart.  It's hard to quote the silent eye rolls.
  • The seersucker debate conclusion - 4 out of 5 housewives agree that boys between the ages of 3 and 70 should not be wearing seersucker.  Sorry, Mrs. Montgomery, you are just plain wrong.  Seersucker has limitations.
  • And while we are discussing Mrs. Montgomery's wrong-ness, Fort Worth is so much better than Dallas. So much better.
Be looking for invitations and updates on Facebook.  We want to see your face at our events this summer!

And did someone say MOM PROM?
Oh yes, she did.
It is going to be... (wait for it)... legend... ARY!

We are working on the details for this upcoming Fall.
It's gonna RHOK like no other!

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Mrs. Priss

Hoping that bruise heals soon like...

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