RHOK'n the Correspondence

You've probably seen the someecards all over Facebook or Pinterest.
They're pretty darn funny!
Peeps.  Not just a breakfast treat.
There's a few...

I think that second one might have been written for me.
I got on their website today to see if they had a card for people sharing their political opinions on Facebook.  If there was one, I didn't see it.
What I did see for the first time was that I could create my own card.
I should have seen this before.  Did you know? Have you been holding out on me?

I do not have the hilarious wit of the authors of the actual cards, but I did have a little fun with it.
I didn't know how much I would appreciate Doc's love of math until this year...

Sadly, this is what many families do to avoid the judgement and staring.

I'm always shocked when girls show off their tatas then pretend men will notice anything else about them.

Have you seen our RHOK'n karaoke videos?

If you can't sing, you should at least look hot.

Please stop posting about who you hate and why.
It's stupid and creates barriers between you and your "friends."
Besides, your political opinions mean nothing to me.

Ironic, eh?

Once upon a time, in a house of only us girls, I lived this fairy tale.
And since there weren't any serious ones about Easter, I wanted to be sure to tell you this.
Know what I love about this Easter?  We aren't so caught up in Easter clothes and the Easter Bunny.  Oh sure, the bunny is coming to our house -- but over the years these things have become less important for our family.
My boys have had a lot of questions for me about the real reason for Easter this year.  I love it!

Have you made any cards?
If you do, post them on our Facebook wall so we can see them!  
I would LOVE to see what you create.

~ Mrs. Priss

Addicted to ecards like...

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