RHOK'n the Keywords

Ever want to know what brings people to the RHOK? Well,
every once in awhile I like to know too. It's very entertaining.
Below are our most recent "keywords", or words that people
searched with to find us as they were typed in. They are in order
of popularity, from most used to least.

phenomenal woman- Why yes. We all are. Thanks!

healthy friendships- That is us! Wow, people are smart.

Skinny Girls with stretch marks-
Well, hmmmm. I don't know about the other girls,
but this doesn't apply to moi.

a house divided- None of those here. Though we are
a blog divided.

funny face book about unfriending- Did we cover this?

grief images- What are these exactly?

how to look like a swimsuit model-Tell me. I need to know.

catchy phrases answer face book survey- Of course.
Get ALL your catchy phrases here.

hand- Foot?

how to get sorority recommendations- It's not easy, kids!

loss of loved one- Unfortunately, yes, we covered that.

mini champagne bottle labels- Do we have these?

photos of spring- We do have lots of photos.

Spavinaw state park- FUN.

summer bucket list ideas- Yes. This exists.

I have no clue about this. How does one make a
stick out of tissue paper, anyhow?

100th birthday cake black and white clip art images-I am sure
you came here by extreme accident.

blue hole Oklahoma- FUN. FUN. FUN.

Brooke Decker- Had to google her myself.

bully- We don't like them. Be nice.

Do you ever take a minute to marvel over how people find you?
You definitely should. See how fun(ny) it is? It can also be an
ego boost. I mean not just one, but over 19 people searched for
phenomenal woman to find us!

Enoy searching!
Mrs. Sinclair

aka the phenomenal woman

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