You Might Be a Dr. Oz Junkie, if...

So, I think I may be a bit obsessed with Dr. Oz and his "suggestions" on his television show. I'm sure half of my Facebook friends believe this is the case, while the others are just as interested or obsessed as I am. This  picture is of my recent purchase.

I do DVR every episode; however, I do not watch every single one. I only watch the ones that are of interest to me. And, I not only watch them, I take notes on my phone. I want to know what to buy when I go to Akin's the next time. Here are a few of the notes I've made.

Speaking of Akin's, one of my childhood classmates is the manager there. She runs a great store where the staff are friendly and helpful. If you see LeAnne, be sure to tell her hello! They even keep the most requested items on a shelf labeled, Dr. Oz. Oh my, this is helpful because when I go into health food stores I'm like a lost puppy. It might as well all be in a foreign language. I think this is why I love Dr. Oz so much. I know if he has recommended it, it must be something he believes in. (You might call ahead to see if they have what you are looking for in stock. If they don't, they have a 3-ring-binder labeled "Dr. Oz:" they will put your name and number in and call you when it comes in.) I just so happen to have my name in that binder a few times. 7 Keto is one that I'm wanting and am having to wait on. That's okay. I need to save my money for my next trip. This stuff adds up! *laugh*

Did you know that some people are ultra-sensitive when it comes to Dr. Oz? I had a "friend" (a blogger whom I'd never met in real life) drop me because of a Dr. Oz status I made. She made some sort of snake reference to Dr. Oz and then dropped me. CRACK.ME.UP! She did me a favor. I keep threatening that I'm going to do some Facebook housecleaning. Every now and then I get lucky and people clean themselves right on out! Good riddance! And, just like some of my friends are anti-Ozzies, there are some that love him as much, or more, than I do. I want my long-time friend Traci and I to go see him together. Oh, WHAT FUN!

I do still have a couple of nagging questions in the back of my mind.

  • I would like to hear from people that have been on his show that take a particular supplement for whatever it was they were needing help with. Did it work? I think he should have a show with past guests to see how they are doing. 
  • How much is too much? I mean, there is NO way you can take or do everything he suggests. I don't want to overdo the supplements. 

What are you thoughts? Are you an Dr. Oz fan? Have you purchased any of his recommendations? Come on, share your thoughts!

~Mrs. Albright
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