Ahhhh, sum sum summertime

Two of the five housewives already have kiddos out of school. One of those being me.

It's bittersweet taste, really. This is early, folks. And after day one- let's just say it may be a LONG summer. Somehow my children suddenly think summer translates to "do whatever we want, when we want."

I went ahead and set them straight on that first thing this morning. Then I threatened them with boarding camp. You know, like boarding school, but maybe more fun.

So, I'm going to need some chill pills and some ideas to keep them busy. (The kids, not the pills. I've plenty of ideas for the pills! Ha!) Anyone? Perhaps this is a great time to share your favorite summer activities. So, do share, y'all. SHARE A LOT. Leave your incredible ideas that I need in the comments. Please. I'm really interested in saving my sanity.

I know y'all won't let me down!

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