Cinco de Mayo RHOK Style

Do you know why we celebrate Cinco de Mayo? You may think it is Mexico’s Independence Day, but in the words of Mrs. Priss, "You're wrong!". Most Americans confuse this holiday with Mexico's Independence Day.  Cinco de Mayo is a celebration of the Battle of Puebla. The holiday commemorates the Mexican Army's 1862 victory over France at the Battle of Puebla during the Franco-Mexican War (1861-1867).

The RHOK celebrates Cinco de Mayo as it is a great excuse to enjoy yummy Mexican food & beverages. Hey, at least we try to educate you while using another country's holiday as an excuse to celebrate chips & salsa.
We didn't have our resident photog with us so we didn't capture many moments. Boo. 
Please enjoy the few pics we snapped on our phones ;)

Mrs. B showing off her Chili's Swag

See what I mean about missing our photog?!

These sisters kept us laughing!

Cute Housewives

I may get in trouble for posting this one

And certain Housewives wonder why their children act "that way".

Finally, a nice pic of the RHOK.


Fun with Friends

Thanks to everyone who came out to celebrate Cinco de RHOK'O. Wish we had more pics to share of all the ladies. If you have event pics please email them so we can share. Special thanks to Amy & Don Livingston {GM}- Chili's Owasso for hosting a great event. Chili's provided fun giveaways which included a Kindle. They took great care of us so whenever you are in O-Town stop in & say hello.
How will you celebrate Cinco de Mayo this Saturday? I will be celebrating my 12th wedding anniversary, ole'!
Mucho Amor y Guacamole,
Mrs. Montgomery
Enjoying an Excuse to Host a Party Like...

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