Death Threats - at Universal

With our kids out of school so early this year, we decided to take our summer vacation before the crowds.  Why not?

Our big plan was to take our boys here:

Then on the last day, we would head to Universal in Orlando.
The Doc was just sure that our youngest was ready to ride roller coasters and visit Harry Potter's castle this  year.  

Welcome to Hogwarts!
Jacob did not agree on this matter.
Not at all.

We had to skip this ride last year and we didn't want to miss it again.  So, we forced him to go on it anyway.  I know this is how good parenting works.  

I was so sure Jacob would love this ride that I told the Doc to take a "before" picture.  In between cry sessions, this child that clinged to me would remind me he didn't want to go.  This went on for the whole entire 45 minute wait.

That's not a smile on his face.
I know.
You're feeling bad for Jacob, aren't you?

He survived it.
He screamed the whole time about how scary it was and how much he was hating it.

When the ride was over, this sweet boy looked at me with venom in his eyes and yelled, "You are dead to me! DEAD to me!"

Then he posed for his after picture.

Harry Potter ride gets a thumbs down.

I'm still trying to figure out why this kid is scared of Harry Potter but enjoys talking to a fountain that makes fun of everyone who passes by.

The Lost Continent - Talking Fountain

The Doc handles these disappointments really well.

Just read the caption...

And that was our big summer trip.
Well, some of it anyway.

Where will you go this summer?

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