Forbidden Fruit

There seems to have come a time in most all of the wives' lives here that we come to a crossroads. We find ourselves in a place where we have a grand story to tell, and we just can't do it.

Ok, well we could. But seriously we're just too nice. It's one of our downfalls really. Always concerned with others feelings and mushy stuff like that.

You see there are stories SO bazaar lately, they can't even be made inconspicuous - and are so strangely and specifically detailed that it wouldn't take a genius to put 2 and 2 together. And darn the luck people! Darn the luck!

If I could tell you about Merle's other brother Merle, who left to go hunt alligators on a hog ranch I would. Jesus came to him in a vivid dream and told him to hightail it to old Mexico on a greyhound and start a tattoo parlor. After that, other brother followed him and started a roadside tomatillo stand. But that's not actually all true. The true story is WAY better. But that's the forbidden fruit.

And so, such is the dilemma most of us blog writers face: where to draw the line. I realize some writers leave nothing secret. Or at least they have y'all believe that.

Anyway my point is, y'all have NO idea what juicy, hilarious stories we want to tell, but can't. There would be repercussions.

Damn repercussions!

What about you guys? Have something you want to say buy just can't!?

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